Charlotte Steer (TOOC14)

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I teach law at UNSW and also work as a Transition Coordinator in the Faculty of Business at Charles Sturt University in Albury, a country town in NSW, Australia. At CSU most teaching is online and my job is to support students through all the transitions, first year, first in family, uni to work, F2F to online, etc. At the University of New South Wales I teach F2F in small seminars in an urban environment to a very different cohort of students.
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Course profiles:First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 2013
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Teaching Online Open Course is an open online course which runs from 10 March - 4 May 2014, (with a two week break for Easter). It is free to participate, but for a fee of £425 this course may be taken for 10 M-level credits.

This is an intensive introduction to supporting student learning in online environments, and you will be supported through scheduled activities by selected key readings, specially developed course resources, skilled online tutors and guest experts.