Open Readings

If you read one thing this week it should be reading 1 below.

  1. star reading icon Centre for the Study of Higher Education (2002). Assessing group work. Accessed 15 January 2013.
  2. ASKe (undated). Getting the most from Groupwork Assessment Accessed 21 Feb 2014
  3. Ferrell, Gill (2013) Supporting assessment and feedback practice with technology: from tinkering to transformation. JISC. [Online] retrieved 14 Feb 2014 from,24MJJ,BZ4TDJ,7ONBO,1
  4. Gibbs, G. (2010). "The assessment of group work: lessons from the literature."   [Online] Retrieved 16 August, 2011, from
  5. Gibbs, G. & Simpson, C. (2002) Does your assessment support your students' learning? [Online] Retrieved 14 Feb 2014 from
  6. JISC (2010). 'Effective assessment in a digital age.' Available online from Accessed 15 January 2013.
  7. MacDonald, J (2002). 'Developing competent e-learners: the role of assessment'. Paper presented at the Learning Communities and Assessment Cultures Conference organised by the EARLI Special Interest Group on Assessment and Evaluation, University of Northumbria, 28-30 August 2002. Accessed 15 January 2013.
  8. Race, P. (2001). "Assessment Series No.9: A Briefing on Self, Peer and Group Assessment." [Online] Retrieved 21 February, 2014, from

  9. Series of short guides on four key themes by JISC:
    1. Changing assessment and feedback practice
      How to approach large-scale change in assessment and feedback practice with the help of technology
    2. Electronic assessment management
      Using technology to support the assessment lifecycle, from the electronic submission of assignments to marking and feedback
    3. Enhancing student employability through technology-supported assessment and feedback
      How the curriculum can help develop the skills and competencies needed in the world of work
    4. Feedback and feed forward
      Using technology to support learner longitudinal development  

Restricted access readings

These readings all require some kind of authentication -- usually via a subscription - to gain access. If you are in a UK educational institution you may be able to gain access using Athens or Shibboleth. (All are available to enrolled students and staff at Oxford Brookes University.)

  1. MacDonald, J. (2008). Blended Learning and online tutoring. Chapter 11, pages 128-133
  2. Macdonald, J. (2003). 'Assessing online collaborative learning: process and product.' Computers & Education 40(4). May 2003, 377-391. Accessed 15 January 2013.
  3. Nicol, D., Thomson, A. and Breslin, C. (2013). "Rethinking feedback practices in higher education: a peer review perspective." Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 39(1): 102-122.
  4. Nicol, D and Macfarlane-Dick, D (2005). 'Formative assessment and self-regulated learning: a model and seven principles of good feedback practice'Studies in Higher Education, Volume 31, Issue 2 April 2006, pages 199 - 218. Accessed 15 January 2013.
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