Virtual conference detailed information

Welcome to the First Steps 2013 virtual conference. This is the showcase at the end of the module; your time to shine.


Welcome to the First Steps 2013 virtual conference. This is the showcase at the end of the module; your time to shine.

On this page we will cover:

  • The assignment brief
  • How to upload your exhibit
  • Peer feedback process

The assignment brief


A critical evaluation of an aspect of your teaching or assessment practice.

Task type

A multimedia online exhibit which will be uploaded to the Virtual Conference wiki. You can use text, images, audio or video (and any combination of these) to present your exhibit.

Notes about the use of text: This assignment is not an essay. Any text used should be brief and presented in the way best practice suggests you would use text on slides or a poster. Full sentences are not required if you can get the same message across in a bullet point.


For this assignment you need to critically evaluate a formative assessment or learning activity. You should draw on your experience of teaching as a teacher or, if you are preparing to teach, either an experience you have had as a learner or a planned activity.  .

You might include the following:

  • your understanding of one or more graduate/postgraduate attributes within your subject area,
  • literature and research into formative assessment (see Assessment Compact pdf) or learning in higher education, including in your subject area,
  • peer dialogue (with colleagues)
  • how you have listened to what your students have to say on the task or learning activity; the response could take the form of a conversation, a survey or other evaluation method
  • a set of workable recommendations to further enhance the planning and design of teaching within your disciplinary setting.

How to upload your presentation

Detailed instructions are on the Virtual Conference wiki.

Peer feedback process


  1. Sign up for your group. We are offering a number of different conference peer feedback slots, each facilitated by a different tutor or expert participant, at a range of different times - sign up for a time that suits you.
  2. Check the signup list to see who else is in your session (Click on "Group Members - Show"
  3. Prepare your conference exhibit. Upload it before the peer feedback session!
  4. You must post your exhibit publicly in the Conference Wiki. You might also publish it perhaps on your blog, or in the discussion forums - we encourage this, so that everyone can benefit from seeing a wide range of styles.
  5. Visit the conference site and find the posters of the people who are in your peer feedback session. View them; think about them; be prepared to discuss them.
  6. Attend the session in the synchronous classroom prepared to give and receive constructive feedback on your and other people's exhibits.
  7. Write a 120-word summary of your self- and peer-feedback from the virtual conference session, and post it to the discussion board.
  8. Receive your conference badge.
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