Brookfield's critically reflective lens four: theoretical literature

The fourth and final lens refers to the place of the scholarly literature as a reliable mirror to hold up against our every day teaching practices. Brookfield (2005) suggests that the scholarly literature in relation to teaching and learning can make an effective substitute for a critical friend. In order to exemplify this, a list of resources has been prepared in the wiki. This includes text based emprical evidence and theoretical perspectives. You are encouraged to go and explore these for yourself.

It is hoped that you find all of these examples useful and that you feel motivated to read further about the Brookfield four critical lenses. You may wish to adapt the model or even create your own. We also hope that you will add your own examples to the wiki. As individuals you will have your own take on reflection and it is not suggested that the Brookfield model is in any way definitive. It is hoped that you feel enabled to share your perspectives on reflection. There is a discussion forum on reflective practice in the Moodle site, please feel free to post your thoughts here.


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