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TOOC14 -> Critique of Scenario B -> Scenario B
by Jo Murphy - Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 08:31 PM

This feels very familiar. I've a project attached to a course at work that's totally unscoped , there is a small group of us doing it, our sponsor set our title then backed out completely and the email exchange is a circular debate of getting nowhere.

As with my response to Scenario A, there's a people issue in that it's hard to know instantly online who is the natural leader, when it is equal collaboration. There's always some time spent (wasted?) figuring out roles and settling down. Here if they are meeting face to face, then it would be better for them to thrash things out at that meeting, then use the forum to progress things inbetween.

I had a similar collaborative online project with my last online course and we had to "evidence" our collaboration on line in order for the tutor to mark it. We ended up doing all the work via telecoms and just writing up an audit trail!

in a way, the tutor made it clear that this was an opporutnity for them to practice how to use the forums and they missed that. They could have worked out how they were going to work, before diving into the what.

The tutor bowed out for a week, which left no room for clarifications and delayed everyone, adding frustration into the mix.

The group themselves seem to be ignoring each other. Or selecting who they are ignoring (yes - poor Ade).

So as I think others have said - what is the role of the tutor here? As grown adults the students should be able to sort themselves out, but they're struggling. There are ways to steer and guide without entering into the debate. The tutor could employ coaching skills to get the group to work things out for themselves (rather than just telling them what to do).

Back to my current project (identifying and sharing best practice in training, making people feel valued and the working environment, if anyone has any bright ideas...) I think we are all just playing nice. no one wants to take the lead in case it steps on anyones toes - sometimes you need body language to help gauge the impact of your suggestions.

I think Ade has the clarity to organise the bunch, if he has the courage.

I wonder if this is someway into the course, whether the tutor group could have split up the clique of Kieran, Marky, Glenn and somewhat Bethany.

If this is a group of 15, where are all the others?!

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TOOC14 -> Cafe space -> New to this environment
by Jo Murphy - Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 08:06 PM

question 1 What exactly is Moodle? I'm not sure if i'm in it or not in it. Will I know it when I see it? If it is just the software package that this whole online course sits in, then perhaps it's overly confusing and actually I don't need to know about it as all I need to do is click on the links?!

question 2 I'm reading through all the scenarios. Instead of having to go in and out clicking on each one, is it possible just to see them all?

Having done Open University courses, I thought I was ok, but this is taking some time to navigate through. It doesn't help that I have different formats on the IPad to the Microsoft laptop either! Perhaps more virtual beverage would help!

thank you

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TOOC14 -> Critique of Scenario A -> Scenario A
by Jo Murphy - Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 08:01 PM

Interesting reading all your comments. I read down the scenario with increasing "uh oh" the tutor is losing control. He didn't really have it planned, then it all unravelled a bit. There seemed to be opportunities to pull it back, but he missed those.

There were clues regarding people's potential future problems (or even current ones) and he could have picked up on those to reassure.

An acknowledgement that he'd read the content of their message rather than just yes tick you've posted would demonstrate he means what he says about it being welcoming.

On the contrary - he heads towards telling people off, has several comments which could be perceived as being negative and begins to alienate some members of the group. There are threads of irritation starting to emerge.

He doesn't try to create cohesiveness - it is all a bit one to one student / tutor, no interaction, he isn't facilitating networking or the growth in collaboration.

I suppose the difficulty is on an online forum, you can't grasp people's personality types or learning styles as quickly as you can in a face to face setting, where you can adapt more swiftly. I expect therefore you have to cater for all needs - introverts/extroverts, thinkers/doers etc.

and everything else that's been said already.

Interesting suggestion regarding standardised approaches. If you've done several of these, then you wouldn't want the same text from different tutors, that would seem false. But I totally agree there should be standards and processes to ensure consistency and quality across the facility.

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TOOC14 -> Task 1: Arrivals lounge (5 minutes) -> A very late hello
by Jo Murphy - Sunday, 30 March 2014, 09:08 PM

Hello, I've had to resort to IPad due to technology issues so can't see the webinars, will catch up on those, public sector laptops block all the videos. First learning point for me! Hopefully will get that worked out soon and will play catch up at Easter. Forums difficult on iPad too But will join in with what I can :)