marion waite
#TOOC14 Week 6 Articulating Good Practice
by Marion Waite - Sunday, 27 April 2014, 02:14 PM
Dear all
We hope that you are looking forward to the final week of TOOC14, it is going to be fun! 
As we announced in our last tutor team video we plan to round the course off with a webinar on Friday 2nd May at 3pm. 
If you are attending to come that will be great, we look forward to seeing you. We would like you to prepare task 3, which is a Google Slide that conveys your personal experiences and discoveries on #TOOC. Liz will set up a Google Presentation site (like the ice-breakers in week 1). We ask that you let us know that you will be coming and ensure that your slide is completed by 5pm on Thursday 1st May. During the Webinar you will each have an opportunity to present your slide. In order to do this you will need a working microphone and ideally a webcam so that we can see your lovely faces.
The tutors will also present what we have learned from #TOOC and in particular what we would do differently and what we will keep for next time.
See you on Friday and of course during Week 6 on the learning activities.