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Re: New to this environment
by Tracey Madden - Thursday, 3 April 2014, 10:12 AM

Moodle is just a product then enables you to build a website, such as this one , and interestingly, the one you used at the OU! You can customise the look hence they don't look exactly the same.

You're right that you don't need to understand it so much as click the links and investigate what you find. You found this forum so that proves at least this bit works! I was confused to start with but now, in Week 4, I now have a good idea where everything is; these things sometimes take time (just like learning a building layout).

It does take some time to work through the material but there's a lot here and some of it is very deep; there is a lot to this course (I mean that in a positive way). Reading it in bits does slow you down but sometimes that isn't such a bad thing as it may lead you to take more in.