marion waite
Wrapping up Week 3 and thinking about Week 4
by Marion Waite - Friday, 28 March 2014, 12:30 PM

Hi everyone

It looks as though most groups are either well under way (some have finished) the collaborative group work for week 3, well done!

The tutor team consider that a reasonable deadline for completion of the group work is by 9am next Monday 31st March.  All of the outputs will be curated by the team next week.

It is then time to start thinking about week 4. We have our final Webinar at 12 midday UK time (remember the clocks go forward by an hour this weekend to BST) where we will discuss the #TOOC14 assignment. If you are planning to attend it would be really helpful if you could read the two example assignments that we have provided in the assessment information section as these will form the focus for some of the discussion. Link is as below

We are really enjoying the vibrancy of #TOOC14 so look forward to seeing you all in Week 4.


Re: Wrapping up Week 3 and thinking about Week 4
by Greg Benfield - Monday, 31 March 2014, 03:38 PM

Hi all

Just a quick reminder that we tutors feel that you should resist any temptation to go further with your group presentations and draw a line under week 3 now (Monday 31 March). That said, I would urge you to add your learning points to the week 3 plenary forum, and note down any 'big ideas' about supporting group work for use in week 6, when we turn to synthesising what we've learned into some coherent 'good practice inventories'.