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Re: feedback re collaborative work
by Liza Sherry - Sunday, 6 April 2014, 01:34 PM

TOOC 14 wk 3 feedback and thoughts re collaboration:

For me the challenge re the collaborative working was the time scale and what was brought home was the pressures of home and of work life both for myself and another member of the group. So outside pressures affect ability to collaborate if short time frame.

So one member didn’t contribute – as far as i could and can tell as i had to complete my part before going away and another member under alot of pressure. So yes it did feel frustrating as i had posted a ‘hello’ prior to week commencing and for several days it was just me and tutor Liz. But all experience can be learned from; I take away the difference between collaboration and cooperation and the element of time in enhancing collaboration. But also the experience of collaboration with a different group of learners who have different aims/objectives possibly.

In F2F often a quick ‘chat’ or even a text explains to others the pressures someone is under and therefore deeper understanding occurs as to why collaboration not occurred, but to make time to log on to collaborate can take longer and hence hinders the explanation re not collaborating. But I see this as an excuse as it doesn’t really take long to log in and inform fellow group members what you are up to.

A nudge from others in group and/or tutor to engage can support collaboration.

thank you