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Re: Hello!
by Steve Burholt - Tuesday, 18 February 2014, 11:36 AM

Hi Dona,
I thought it would be useful (also for non-Brookes people on FSLT) just to summarise the main people who support lecturers at Brookes with technology:

1) Faculty DMELDs (Digital Media E-Learning Developer) - they are the people in faculties who help staff with their online courses. In your case your DMELDs are Irmgard Huppe and Win Ko. They might help staff with audio and video production, or the choice of tools in Moodle.

2) Central e-learning support from Media Workshop - this is where I work, on projects like repository, wikis, Moodle etc. We work on strategies on using technology enhanced learning. We work closely with DMELDs.

3) OBIS IT Support: infrastructure such as Moodle as well as day to day issues such as passwords, lecture capture systems. Students use IT Support for day to day problems with technology. Staff use them mainly for issues in lecture theatres such as audio-visual equipment.

Hope that helps and enjoy FSLT!


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