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Friday - Week 5!
by George Roberts - Friday, 14 June 2013, 10:23 AM

And then it was over. Or is it a new beginning? If I say nothing else: thank you to everyone who has contributed so solidly to FSLT13.

Before I come all over nostalgic, on a practical level it has been hugely useful.

Brookes has agreed, yesterday, to commit real resources to developing MOOCs across all our faculties. This would not have happened without #fslt12 and #fslt13. The discussions in these courses have informed our thinking about openness, about online pedagogies, about the relationship between the institution and learning communities and many more aspects of higher education in this era. This wouldn't have happened without you all.

I'll say "farewell" but there is a lot more to come. There are badges to award, conference presentations to comment on, evalyations to complete, discussions to join and a big research effort is getting underway. Like a horror film, you won't shake us off easily (cue mad laughter ;-)

Please complete the evaluation form here:


FSLT14 will run next year in February and March 2014

FSLT13 will stay up and live for you to return to as you wish. You could even pick it up and run it yourself with a group in your own time. That's open for you.

Look out for our second open online course which will launch immediately after FSLT14 (April-May 2014). This is called Teaching online (TO). Where FSLT is an introduction to teaching, TO is for those with some experience of online teaching and will focus on the particularities of online teaching. TO will be led by Greg Benfield (lead in the Evaluation topic).

Next year, FSLT will be led by Neil Currant. (I ride off into the sunset... not). I'll certainly come back as an "expert participant" and may be on the tutor team.

So, once more dear friends, into the breach. See you in the forums, out there in social media land and at other gatherings face to face and online.

Best wishes