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FSLT13 Week 5 Day 1 Looking forward
by George Roberts - Monday, 10 June 2013, 01:23 PM

Well, here we are! The final week. Lots to do and lots to look forward to, still! This post is also announced here.

Live sessions

On Wednesday this week at 4.00 p.m. BST Cris Crissman will be presenting our final guest session on exploring opportunities for openness in hybrid learning. Cris was last year and has been this year an active and inspirational participant in the course and is a highly creative teacher on and off line. Hybridity and hybrid learning is one of the key epistemological developments sparked by the MOOC movement and the learning spaces that have been opened up by it. In MOOCs there has been a radical challenge to the polyarchic institution and also a countervailing hegemonic push by elite institutions to colonise the open spaces. Don’t miss this one. It is our celebration, hail and farewell: a valediction and look even further forward.


I wrote extensively last week on the Virtual conference. And we had our first peer feedback session on Friday. The conference is taking shape here in the Virtual Conference Wiki. Don’t be shy. Share your learning and teaching experiences. And please discuss them with colleagues and fellow participants. Sign up for a peer review session here. If these times don’t work please ask and we will try to schedule more. And of course, this is a MOOC. You can organise your own discussion sessions in any platform you want.


This week’s topic is, fittingly enough, “Evaluation”. Listen to and watch Greg Benfield’s excellent introduction to the topic on this page. The resources for the week are in the Evaluation wiki, here. You can add your own resources to this live collection.

And watch out for the course evaluation form which will appear mid-week.

Above all, enjoy your learning and teaching!