As a course team we are very excited about running the course within an open online environment. We hope that by using technology that should be familiar to you in your professional and everyday lives and introducing you to new methods of online collaboration we can create an engaging, open and interactive learning experience.

The tutors are Greg Benfield, Elizabeth Lovegrove and Marion Waite. We warmly welcome you and are looking forward to working with you during #TOOC14.

In this introduction you will find everything you need to get started with the course, which begins on Monday 10 March and ends on 4 May 2014 (with a two-week break for Easter). Below you will find an overview of #TOOC14 (timetable). Please use it to plan how you will participate in the activities of #TOOC14 that interest you the most.

The structure of #TOOC14

Each of the six weeks of #TOOC14 will focus on a separate topic related to online teaching and will be supported by multi-media resources, selected reading and discussion forums. There will be three one-hour live webinars in Adobe Connect. These will take place on Monday at midday GMT in weeks 1, 3 and 4 (10, 24 and 31 March). 

Each week’s topic will be introduced by a short text introduction followed by a series of group and/or individual activities and a list of readings. One of the readings will be a core reading - if you only read one thing this week, it should be this one. Each week also has a discussion forum with prompt questions to start off discussion, and sometimes there will be a general discussion about the week’s topic. Participants are of course welcome to start new discussion threads.