1 Overview

P70407 First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

Course Description

This module is an introduction to teaching and learning in higher education. The module will introduce new lecturers and aspiring lecturers to teaching and professional development in higher education. It will promote , develop and improve academic practice in higher education, develop and practice skills in collaboration, social citation and professional reflection. Through the course we will share Oxford Brookes University's professional development practices and associated resources with the global academic community in order to exemplify good practice in open, autonomous, diverse and interactive professional educational development.

Module leader

Neil Currant 

Email: p0076572@brookes.ac.uk

Level & Status

UK FHEQ level 7 (postgraduate) module, 10 UK HE credits, 5 ECTS (European credit transfer and accumulation system) credits.

Acceptable for 

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (MU61A)
  • Postgraduate Associate in OCSLD (MU80A)

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