Joining a course on Brookes Open Online Courses


Registration and Enrollment on the Moodle learning management system.

You will need to do two things:

  • Register yourself on the site
  • Enroll yourself on the course.

Registration gets you an account on the Moodle and enables you to enroll. Enrollment on the course gives you access to the discussion forums and activities. Guests are not able to write in the forums or on the Wiki, or upload any files.

To Register on the Moodle go here. On the landing page you will have two choices:

  • First time here? Sign up
  • Returning to this web site?

Click here or the image above for a closer look

If you have not previously registered an account on Brookes Open Online Courses you will need to click on the button labeled 'Create new account' below item 7 on the right.

When you choose a password it should have at least 6 characters comprised of at least one Capital letter, at least one number, and one non-alphanumeric character (e.g. #+><; example R05354r3r3> [or Roses are red]; note some non alphanumeric characters are reserved, such as @ for email addresses, so you can’t use them).

Once you registered an account you will be taken to the Moodle home screen, click on a course title to enter a course.

Click here or the image above for a closer look

Now you must Enrol.

In the sidebar you will see the option 'Enrol me in this course'.

If you wish to browse the course learning management system without creating an account you can do this by clicking on “Login as a guest”. Guests will not be able to write in the forums or on the Wiki or upload any files, but will be able to read the content on the site.