Articulating good practice badgeArticulation of good practice in online learning

    Week 6: Mon 28 Apr to Fri 2 May

    Week 6 of 6


    Lead tutor: Marion (with Greg and Liz)

    Material goes live Mon 21 Apr.

    • Task 1: Tweet about good practice in online learning
    • Task 2: Your own inventory of good practice (badge activity)
    • Task 3: Reflect on your discoveries and experience of the course
    • Module evaluation

    star reading icon Key reading: Spiro, J. (2010). Guided Interaction as Intercultural learning: desigining Internationalisation into a Mixed Delivery Teacher Education Programme.

    • Week 6 is an opportunity to reflect upon online learning experiences, review and develop inventories of good practice, and evaluate the relationship between theory and practice. 

      This week is about integrating and consolidating your learning so far. The particular aim of this week's activities is to consider good practice in online tutoring.The work we will do this week aims to give you opportunities to:

      • clarify the e-moderating role
      • consider what makes for good practice in online learning, by creating a personally meaningful inventory for your own good practice
      • reflect on your learning over the last few weeks, and share others' reflections
      Start by looking at the welcome video and the week overview.

    • 'Watch the recorded webinar' iconWrap up webinar

      3pm BST Friday 2 May -- recording now available.

      We'll be reflecting on how the course has gone, and what we've all learnt and discovered along the way. And then we'll say goodbye.

    • File Final reflections (webinar slides) File
    • Activities

      Task 1: Tweet your ideas about what represents good practice in online learning. (No more than 30 minutes)

      While you are reviewing exemplar inventories of good practice, watching the video, or reading, post your reflections to twitter (or alternatively if you are blogging about the course post the link to your blog to Twitter). Use the course hashtag #tooc14.

    • Forum Task 2: Articulating good practice (no more than 2 hours) (badge activity) Forum
    • URL Task 3: Reflection on your discoveries and experience of #tooc14 (no more than 30 minutes) URL
    • Readings

      star reading icon Key reading: Spiro, J. (2010). Guided Interaction as Intercultural learning: desigining Internationalisation into a Mixed Delivery Teacher Education Programme. Higher Education Research & Development.  This is a critical evaluation of how Jane Spiro used the Salmon Model in the programme that she described in The Sharing Good Practice in Distance Learning video, that you may have watched earlier. (If you only read one thing this week, this is it.)

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Teaching Online Open Course is an open online course which runs from 10 March - 4 May 2014, (with a two week break for Easter). It is free to participate, but for a fee of £425 this course may be taken for 10 M-level credits.

This is an intensive introduction to supporting student learning in online environments, and you will be supported through scheduled activities by selected key readings, specially developed course resources, skilled online tutors and guest experts.