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    Week 5: Wed 23 Apr to Sun 27 Apr

    Week 5 of 6


    Lead tutor: Greg (with Liz and Marion)

    Material goes live Mon 31 Mar.

    • Task 1: Assessing the small group presentations from week 3 (badge activity)
    • Task 2: Discuss assessing online contributions

    star reading icon Key reading: Centre for the Study of Higher Education (2002). Assessing group work.

    • Note: this is a short week!

      Welcome back! Congratulations on getting this far. By now you should be comfortable with the online environment, more familiar with the other participants on this course, especially those you've worked with in a small group, and you might be either exhilarated or getting pretty tired at the relentless pace of the communication!

      This week we look at principles and practice of assessment. Assessment is central to the student experience. It's the linchpin of the design of any course and especially of online courses. It's the key to student engagement. So, this is a really important topic. It's also a highly complex one. You might say that designing good assessment is a creative art. So there's a lot to discuss.

      To start with we ask you to review key concepts and current issues in assessment. There are a couple of short videos to watch that should help you to do this relatively efficiently. Check that you have a grasp of the important concepts. The activities this week focus on online assessment and feedback in particular, or to put it another way, we look at how the principles of assessment apply to the practice of online learning and teaching.

      Week 5 vidcast transcript

    • Activities

      We take a pragmatic, experiential approach to looking at online assessment. We ask you to consider your experience of aspects of this course and to think through how one would design assessment relating to those aspects. The specific aspects we're going to look at are designing group work assessment and student engagement.

    • Forum Task 1: Assessing the small group presentations (no more than 90 minutes) (badge activity) Forum
    • Forum Task 2: Assessing online contributions (no more than 1 hour) Forum
    • Readings

      star reading icon Key reading: Centre for the Study of Higher Education (2002). Assessing group work. Accessed 15 January 2013 from http://www.cshe.unimelb.edu.au/assessinglearning/03/group.html. (If you read one thing this week it should be this one)

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