How to start week 3 (10th - 16th February)

    Course Schedule

    Join the live session with James Atherton on Monday or watch the re-run. If you uploaded a refective statement, please go back to the submission area and read and give feedback to your partner.

    Turn straight to the Topic Learning and supporting learning. From here you should view or read or listen to the presentations about learning. Work through the short Moodle book and join the discussion forum on Learning.  That's it! Easy. See you there

    • Live session: James Atherton, Theories of learning

      Webinar. Monday 10th February 2014 16:00 - 17:00 GMT

      Recording of Session - NB: the sound is a bit poor to 20:05. At 20:05 you will need to skip forward to 28:40 to continue (whilst we fixed the sound.) You may just want to go to 28:40, you won't have missed much.

      James Atherton is well known for his comprehensive, accessible and useful website Learning and Teaching.

    • Page What learning theories are good for Page
    • Topic: Learning and supporting learning

    • Activity: Why do people learn here?

      This week our activity is in discussion. The outcome of this activity is that you should be able to explain the underpinnings for your virtual conference presentation and maybe to synthesis your own explanations drawing on one or more previous writers.

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The First Steps into Learning and Teaching massive open online course (MOOC) will run for 5 weeks from Wednesday 22nd January 2014.

First Steps into Learning and Teaching is targeted at new lecturers, people entering higher education teaching from other sectors and postgraduate students who teach. We also welcome experienced lecturers to update and share their knowledge and expertise. The First Steps course is an element of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development’s (OCSLD) HEA accredited Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education.

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